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This is how it works: 


1. You buy this item here.


2. Once the order has gone through, an email confirmation gets sent to you. Reply to that email with the Picture you would like me to paint. Keep in mind it needs to be a good quality photograph. No blurry/distant images. Im a portrait artist, so only faces of people or animals please. No full bodied animals unless we discuss the image. Email me with any questions if you're not sure ( 


3. I will write you back confirming I received your photos. If the photos look good, I'll get to work. Otherwise we'll chat a bit more!


3. Within two weeks I will send you a photo of your piece.  This is the time when you tell me you love it!


4. Once we confirm how much you love your new painting, I will ship it out to you. Allow an addition 7-10 business days to receive your new original work of art. 


5. Send me photos or tag me on Instagram. (This step in completely optional but much appreciated)



All Custom Watercolor Portraits will be no smaller than 6in x 6in & no larger than 8.5in x 11in. This is the ONLY size I work with in this medium. Portraits can be of one person or animal; you, your pet, celebrity photo or wild animal. The painting will be an original, one of a kind, watercolour painting signed by me.


Custom Watercolor Portrait

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